I made the mistake of falling in love with you- it has been the biggest mistake of my life. I have never loved someone so much- not infatuation, just complete enveloping. I want to crawl inside you like a crisp 20 crawls inside a birthday card. Like a chocolate crawls inside colorful tinfoil. Like a body crawls into a bed.  And then I want you to tuck me in and feel my aching muscles relax while you surround me.

I want to stop pretending that little moments don’t mean anything to me. I want to stop trying so hard to say your name with no affect. I want to pour all of my love into you and be okay with never seeing a drop returned.

So I’ll keep wordlessly loving you.

And pouring all of my love into you.

Beautiful boy, I love you- I am loving you- I have never loved someone like this.

It is the biggest mistake I have ever made but it is such a blessed mistake, I cannot stay mad.
Let me rub my thumb on the instep of your palm and wrap your arm around my waist and kiss my breath away then fill my lungs with your air.

Make a huge mistake with me.