Despite what poems and movies lead you to believe, sadness and love can be mutually exclusive.

You can find someone who makes you happier than you’ve ever been without fulfilling the other half of that dichotomy.

You can find someone who fits into your edges and completes you without needing to be broken first.

Too often we equate sadness with love.

Love should not make you weak.

Love is the beginning and the end and it is transformative and powerful and it can heal everything-

and it won’t break you first.

No, love does not do the damage- people do.

Pain and suffering are not the opposite of love- they are the absence of it.

There is not a fine line between hate and love- no, there is a mountain range.

Love should always be all the good things- only the good things.

Love does not hurt you.

Love is not that complicated.





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