Pretentious Title About Self Discovery

I’m starting to float away…


All the things and people that defined who I thought I was are no longer an element of my life and I feel like I’m losing my grip.

The love that defined my heart and caused it to harden is not someone I see, hear, or often think about. However, he defined such a pivotal time in my life, to never have that moment of closure is unsettling.  You begin to wonder if it ever happened at all.


Sometimes I feel like a phantom of all the lives I’ve lived.

My best friends- the two people who I’ve never shared more with have both made an exodus- neither with the casual exchange of pleasantries, so I’m left to question the memories and wonder if they might also be figments of my imagination.

Did these people exist? Did they cease to exist when they so absolutely made an exit form my consciousness?

I have memories that are so real I can taste them.

Like when it was snowing and you held my hand.

Or when we stayed up all night, drinking weird liquor and giggling.

When the people who define you leave, what happens to your definition?

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