The Ugly Princess Alternate Ending

Alternate ending:

As the prince rode away, the princess walked into her chambers and hesitantly approached the looking glass. She looked in the mirror, scoffed and said, “Fuck that, I look great,” ran onto the balcony and threw up two middle fingers and yelled for all the kingdoms to hear, “You wish you could get this you mousey little troll. Fuck you!”

The princess then went back to running a baller ass kingdom from her bitchin’ castle and never worried about men again because she was a GODDAMN PRINCESS and ruled a fucking country, and basically had better things to worry about then mousey little trolls on stupid fucking horses. She also knew the fool had a crush on her and she was about to make that happen because a sense of humor is better than being a prince, and being there for someone is better than being powerful.  So fuck stereotypes, fuck fairy tales, and fuck the prince who rode away because even though this princess wasn’t Cinderella, she was a cool ass chick and people literally wrote songs about how wonderful she was, so she was probably pretty damn wonderful.

The End.

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