10 Bars That Probably Exist in your College Town

There’s different experiences associated with different colleges and different towns across the United States. However, for as many differences that there are, plenty remains the same. Below is a list of the bars you are most likely to encounter whether you are just passing through a campus-oriented town, or if you frequent them.

10 Bars That Probably Exist in your College Town

  1.  The bar you go for yours and everyone else’s 21st birthday. It’s the GREATEST bar in the world!…or, at least it will be for the next 6 months, until you realize other bars exist and so do drinks other than cranberry/vodkas.
  2. This bar is THE best! They charge a cover, but who cares?! It’s only a couple bucks and you always have the time of your life here.  This is the 2nd half of your 21st year bar.  After you get sick of bar number 1, you’ll start coming here, you’ll watch your friends get kicked out and maybe you will too. You’ll bond with girls in bathroom lines that are way too long and way too small and you’ll probably fight a few of them (which leads to the kicking out)
  3. There’s the bar that has two floors, nobody celebrates their 21st here really, but they have the best drink specials, a DJ downstairs AND upstairs and there’s room to move and breathe and while reading this you’re starting to wonder why you don’t go here more often.
  4. To get the famous drink that gets you drunk for under $5 you come to this bar.  It’s served in a fishbowl, a pitcher or a bucket and you just HAVE to go here if nobody’s been before, which is the only time you really go, actually.
  5.  The “college” bar whose name you recognize from it being emblazoned on t-shirts all across campus and in a 50 mile radius.  When you finally make it to said bar, you’re shocked to see how tiny it is, but super cheap beer at inappropriately early hours (it’s not 5 o’clock anywhere) keep you coming back. Nobody can judge you because it’s on the outskirts of town and you can wear sweats so basically it’s awesome.
  6.  The bar with the rooftop deck.  You go here because it doesn’t smell like body odor and cheap gin and you can sip a margarita and casually pretend you’re Lauren Conrad on “The Hills”, whilst simultaneously pretending you and your friends are better looking. Pinkies out, people.
  7.  The bar you discover later in your drinking career that you have a shockingly good time at, despite it’s pitiful dance floor and steep stairs.  You probably drink beer here. This is also where you found out how nice it is to step outside and bum a cigarette from a bearded, sexy stranger. But you don’t really smoke.
  8.  The bar that you go to ONCE, mid black out, because you want to experiment with a seedy trucker type and this bar supposedly has a bunch.  YOU have a great time, but are the only one of your friends who wants to go back.
  9.  The bar that pats you down before you go in. Typically cash only.
  10.  The “old people bar”, meaning the 30+ bar.  If you suggest this place, you’re probably closer to 30 than you want.  Your friends will undoubtedly scrunch their noses and say “Really?”, make fun of you, then not go, but they also won’t let you forget that you wanted to.

In one of the aforementioned bars
In one of the aforementioned bars

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